In effort to bring awareness to Save Luneta from the proposal development of the 71 Palomar apartment project; neighbors gathered and painted Sacred Geometry Street Art (full story below)

Lead Artist: Scott Kam

+ special thanks to all the neighbors who helped.

The city of SLO had wanted to open up a street that had been closed for over 20 years to help distribute traffic more evenly.  The traffic models all suggested it was a good idea but the models didn’t take into account that the neighborhood had adapted and this area had become the public park and safe route to school for cyclist and students.  The town was working on another program to develop safe routes to school but in reality it was already happening due to the ballasts that blocked through traffic.  The community gathered at the “Posts” and painted street to show that this was a special place.  It became a named place “The Posts”, the community started having meetings at the “Posts” and members of the city council came to our community place.  After many discussions at the “Posts” the city council was able to understand the reality and beauty of this neighborhood place that had been created.  This area did not have an open space or a city park so it was starting for places for people to gather.   Eventually the community scheduled a spot at a city council meeting and they presented their case.  The council and mayor were convinced and they commended the community for being a great example of how democracy should work.  Placemaking is a core element of unity communities around a place. 

Photos by: Roberto Monge, Chrystie Richards and Gary Michael Foresman